Floor Design

The floor of your home see’s a lot of foot traffic, especially if you’ve got a number of frequent guests visiting your home. When you look to have your floor re-done, there’s a lot of different things to take note of. What type of material do you want to make use of? What colours are you keeping an eye out for? What kind of finish are you thinking about? Here at EDC London, we can help you choose between all of the different options we give to you. You can choose between Oak or Beech wood, as well as a finish that comes in matte (dulled) or glossy (shiny). These are the kinds of options that we’re talking about when we say “amazing customization”! You don’t have to work with the generic types of flooring most companies would try and give you.

The floors of your home may get beat up on a frequent basis, but there’s no need to fret over it. With EDC London, you’ll have a brand new look to your floors in no time at all. We really do provide the best flooring service that the UK has to offer, so what else could you really ask for?

Don’t shoot for a low-quality floor inside of your home, go for the good stuff! Work alongside EDC London and you’ll never need to worry about your flooring needs again.