About EDC London


Elizabeth Nash

Creative Consultant - Elizabeth Nash is the person who approves every single piece of design you may come across. She is the person who makes sure every single piece is going to fit in with all of the others! If it doesn’t make sense, she’ll let you know.

Daniel Jordan

Creative Consultant - Also a CC (Creative Consultant), Daniel Jordan takes pride in providing people with the most beautiful furnishings they could ever come across. In order to do so, he’s trained extensively to understand what looks really good (and what doesn’t).

Toby Hilton

Marketing Manager - In order to push your products out to the public, you need a Marketing Manager. Toby Hilton has been with us for well over 13 years now, and he provides a marketing spark that we truly enjoy.

Oscar Taylor

Campaign Manager - After Toby has put together the marketing campaigns, Oscar Taylor is the man who will be taking care of them all. In order to successfully put our high-quality furnishing in front of the public view, Oscar needs to work his magic - that’s why we love him!

Finley Whitehouse

Furniture Artist - Finley is the person that can see the vision before it’s prominent, and that’s why he’s on the team. He has the ability to see things that would otherwise be left unseen, and it adds a great dynamic to our products.

Kian Alexander

Furniture Artist - Klan and Finley are the two masterminds behind the look of our furniture, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Both Klan and Finley have been in this industry for a long time, and bring a lot of experience to the team.

Corey O'Sullivan

Director of Operations - Corey O’Sullivan oversees everything at EDC London, and he’s become quite the name in the world of furnishings. He doesn’t take “low-quality” results in stride, he’s only striving for greatness (furniture-wise, of course!).

Jay Dixon

Vice Director of Operations - The right hand man himself, Jay Dixon plays the secondary role to Corey O’Sullivan. These two are the heart and soul of EDC London, and have been ever since they founded the company.