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When it comes to picking out the right furnishings for your home (or any sort of location, for that matter), you’ve got to sniff out the high-quality stuff. Here at EDC, we only offer the finest furnishing that money could buy - and that’s because we strive for excellence. All of our customers leave with a smile on their face, knowing that they’ve gone about purchasing new furniture in the perfect sense. We are experts when it comes to the designing process, and we’re constantly looking for different ways to keep our furniture as affordable as possible. We’re one of the most trusted furnishing providers within the UK, and we don’t plan on changing our ways anytime soon!


Our team of staff are here 7 days a week to assis you with your requirments


more than 5,000 items sold to happy customers since we started in 2010

Expert Designer

Using the latest technology, our designers are creating new exclusive designes each and every day.



The interior of your home is going to say a lot about not only your personality, but your lifestyle as well. People take pride in the inside of their homes for many different reasons, but trying to express yourself is usually one of them - the only way to have the “perfect interior”, is to shop at EDC!




There are a lot of nifty pieces you can add to your home, such as wall-covering bookshelves and even customized tables and such. The architectural aspect of furnishing will help make your home a little more practical, and even turn some activities into a relatively seamless process.




We only make our floors out of the highest quality materials around. This means that we’re using the sturdiest wood possible, as well as the most efficient colors you could choose from - select from a Beach or Oak wood-type, as well as a glossy or matte finish.


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